“Expressing things through song is a great way to get to people who want a more poetic version of what’s going on versus just reading the news, which will kill your soul. Sometime’s it’s good to have a little bit of a poetic spin on the whole thing, and then you feel more empowered to do something about it.”

The Believer

Weyes Blood

“Now that I’m older, it strikes me as incredible that I went into those places as a young woman. Meanwhile my friends in New York were hanging out with Chloe Sevigny at the chicest, prettiest parties. I was like, “I’m at a Best Western in the middle of nowhere with bikers, going to a prison tomorrow!” I thought, what is wrong with me? I must be a fucked-up person.”

The Believer

Rebecca Godfrey

“We’re all walking around damaged, dirty, broken, and ashamed, and the challenge is—How do you live your life in this condition? It’s an important project to share this condition with others and thereby comfort them. Turning the wound into artwork—something that has magic in it, and extra life, is a very significant accomplishment.”

Paris Review Daily

Diane Williams

“There’s no assertion of extraordinariness in choosing to write about something, it’s more about finding whatever is in there that is worth saying.”

The Lifted Brow

Leslie Jamison

The Believer

Amen Dunes

"I wanted this record to connect with as many people as possible because I feel like my purpose is to be of service with this music. It’s the only reason I’m here. To do whatever good I can with my strange little musical ability."

Electric Literature

Josephine Rowe

"At a certain remove — emotional, temporal or geographical — things crystallize. It’s a matter of perspective, which is partially illusion. We begin to feel as though we might see and understand things clear to their outer edges. There’s also the question of what survives such distance, be it abstract or physical, what rises out of the white noise of minutiae."

The Columbia Journal

Maggie Nelson

"I don’t worry so much about my books—and I think this is a poetry thing too—but I see them as the best I could do, or gestures at any given moment."